Gray is for … Photographers!

I have to admit I was surprised when I asked a few of my talented photographer friends what sort of colors they would like for their marbled journals, and they all responded with “grays, please!” Marbling, to me, has always been about color. Not always bright, vivid hues (although sometimes, like here) but always with some color, even if it’s subtle. I bargained with them a little, and showed them my favorite “gray”: Payne’s Gray by Golden Acrylics. It has a beautiful, soft blue tint to it, and I figured if I could add in just a touch of color I could keep my friends happy and still love the results myself. They all responded with enthusiasm. Phew!

Marbling and binding with a specific client in mind is always especially fun for me, because I love thinking about how they will use the finished product and how it will fit in with their current style, home decor, and so on. For this group of photographers, I opted for a mix of stone (ebru) pattern and some swirls. I then sent over a photo of the possible book cloths and was thrilled that not only did they each choose a different pattern – although all swirls – they also each chose a different book cloth.

Steve chose smart Black, Jenny chose vibrant teal, and Scott chose natural linen, which I absolutely love but hadn’t yet used. Each choice is beautiful and gives the three books very different personalities. Steve’s is neat and chic, just like him in fact, Jenny’s is sweet and a little softer without being girly, and Scott’s looks casual but refined.

When I posted the prints on my Stories, another photographer friend responded with an enthusiastic “fuuuuuu” to my own personal favorite, an ebru print with a little more blue. When I asked him about cloths, he told me he liked them all, so I chose one of my personal favorites to match it, the Asahi mohair blue.

I hope my friends enjoy their books; it was a joy to make them!


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