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Kate McElwee, Boston wedding photographer, wife to Josh, and mom to two black labs


a little about me, a little about my work

I’m a Boston wedding photographer and have been photographing full time for over ten years. I’ve received many accolades and awards, including Best of Boston: Wedding Photographer by Boston Magazine.

In late 2017, I wanted to have an additional creative outlet that would allow me to work in a spontaneous, free way, and the idea of spattering paint onto a bath of water sounded like a good way to open my mind and free up my creativity. Thus, my adventures in marbling were born.

Marbling is an amazing outlet because no matter how much you plan, test, practice, guess, and test again, the paint has a mind of its own and the results will surprise you over and over. For someone who’s used to being an exacting technician when it comes to their art work, it’s a very unique feeling that is quite freeing. It can also be occasionally maddening!

Beautiful marbled paper is lovely in its own right, but it really sings when it is bound into a neat little book or journal, and so of course the next step in my adventure was to learn the art of bookbinding.

Bookbinding appeals to the precise, technical side of me; like photography, you perfect your craft through hours of practice, and learning through trial and error (and by reading vast numbers of books). Bookbinding requires patience, an eye for detail, and a ruthless dedication to improving your technique … or, as my family might tell you, borderline obsession.

When I’m not marbling, binding, or photographing weddings and families, you’ll find me sailing around New England on our sailboat (a Catalina 36), scuba diving, reading, or playing with our dogs. I also love to eat great food, especially from little hole in the wall places, and I jump on a plane to explore new parts of the country and world whenever I have the chance.

Photo of me by Luis Garvan. Photos of my husband Josh, and our black labs Lily & Porter, by me.